Why to hire a CPA?

CPA is the designation of the Chartered Professional Accountant in Quebec and Canada.   By hiring WARDCOM ACCOUNTING , Johnny Ward, CPA, CGA, will provide the best expertise you need to manage your Business.   As a Chartered Professional Accountant in Montreal, Quebec and Canada, Johnny Ward, CPA, CGA has an academic and professional education that enables him to give you the adequateprofessional service that you deserve. But that’s […]

Savvy TAX and ACCOUNTING Links

Find some useful links to some government agencies’ websites. Our clients, individuals and businesses, will surely find practical to browse and consult. You will find information and forms in many sectors of the Federal and Quebec jurisdictions that surely interest you.     Quebec Government Agencies   Revenue Quebec (About GST, QST, Income Tax, Payroll Deductions, get an online access for yourpersonal and business […]

Save on your Personal INCOME TAXES

Few tips that will help Canadians and Quebec residents save on their income taxes.     1- Documents to keep during the year.   Our experience shows that many of our dear personal tax clients neglect to consider the following:   – Medical services receipts (xrays, blood tests, in vitro, etc…). – Dental receipts. – Prescription drugs receipts […]